Apply to be a Vendor

Our market features all local vendors selling their goods, and one of them could be you! Felice will sell your wares for you so your time can be better spent growing your business.

We are located in a high-traffic, densely populated area with a projected 300 visitors frequenting the Café on a daily basis, and this is just the beginning. The layout of the Café has also been designed to ensure customers will always have to browse your products as this is where they will wait for their café order. With our business model, customers will be brought in, again and again, to see what is new. Everything from the food to the entertainment is local.

The owners of Felice have an extensive marketing background and have put together a comprehensive marketing strategy that will not only promote the Café but each of our vendors as well. We will be implementing things such as co-marketing on social, email marketing, and paid ads. Together we can also amplify our voices on Organic Social which is free for all of us.


– Product suitable for the space –

(at the discretion of the owner of Felice)

* No food items at this time *

– Minimum 500 followers on Social Media –

– Local to Alberta –

Fee: $150 / Month

+25% on first $1000 in sales, 10% on every dollar exceeding $1,000 / Month.

What this includes:

  • Display space in our Café
  • POS and Payment Fees
  • Utilities
  • Staff
  • Basic Packaging (paper bags and tissue paper)
  • Ecommerce store (curbside pickup only)
  • Co-Marketing
  • Membership to Felice Entrepreneur Club (a $150 value)


– Keep display stocked and fresh –

– Post to social media once per week (minimum) about Felice and one other vendor –

– Follow all other vendors on social media and interact with their posts –

– Attend monthly Felice Entrepreneur event –